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Why "Big Foot" Chocolates?

When you dip a chocolate and place it down on a tray the chocolate that puddles around the base is called a foot. It takes the right technique, a lot of practice and the right chocolate to have almost no "foot" around your chocolates. Back when Big Foot Chocolates was just getting started, my two friends, Terri and Cindy, and I were dipping chocolates and laughing about our big "feet" when Cindy said that we should call the business Big Foot Chocolates. It was perfect and it stuck. 

We've had a lot of practice since then and our feet are smaller now but we can never forget where we started on this chocolate lovers journey and our name reminds us of that. 

We're dedicated to making chocolate that doesn't only look beautiful but tastes even better. When my friend Terri invited me to learn to make truffles a whole new world was opened up to me. A (not-so-secret) life time love affair of eating chocolate turned into a passion of learning about different kinds of chocolate, how it's made and where it comes from and then on to working with chocolate. I learned how to temper chocolate so it has that beautiful shine and snap and how to combine it with other flavors to bring out the best in each.

Really, I just LOVE chocolate. Chocolate can do fun, magical, and amazing-ly delicious things. And when you find something that makes you want to share it with others because you just KNOW they will love it too then you've found a cause. Enjoy!

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